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Bringing innovative data science and survey methods to social and political research, we help our clients understand a rapidly changing world. 

What we do

Accurate information and high quality research are vital for understanding the world, and for informed planning, decision-making and campaigning.  


Combining expertise in social and political research with the tools of data science, we have a track record of providing a unique offering to clients from a range of sectors, including political campaigns, academics, not for profit organisations and corporate clients conducting policy, reputation and risk research.

Our services include: data analysis; survey research, including questionnaire design and fieldwork management; and campaign evaluations.

To see examples of our work, visit the projects page.

Innovative methods

Harnessing the tools of data science, we provide our clients with some of the most advanced analytical techniques available. 

We know that our clients want the best, and we make sure we stay up to date with the latest research in survey research methodologies and data science, to ensure we can provide them with unparalleled data and analysis. 

We are the leaders in the use of MRP to conduct small area estimates for political research in Australia, and have used these to provide political campaigns with the intelligence required to win elections. We also provide more sophisticated analysis than is possible from other social and political
research firms. 

Using these innovations, we work with political, public health and other campaigns to to understand public opinion, identify the best ways to engage with the community, and to test the effectiveness of policies and messaging. 

Survey research

With broad experience developing surveys, our deep understanding of demographic patterns and electoral trends in Australia allows us to build high-quality representative samples.

We have worked with national political campaigns to help them understand where resources need to be allocated as they develop their strategy, with political consultancies to test messages and understand public attitudes, and we have run the largest academic election surveys in Australia to collect the data needed for social science research.

Building partnerships

At Accent Research, we see our clients as partners. We build a close relationship with those we work with, taking the time to learn about their needs and the solutions required to meet them.

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