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Research to understand a rapidly changing world.

Accurate information and high quality research are vital for understanding the world, and for informed planning, decision-making and campaigning.  

Gathering useful and usable insights on issues that matter sits at the heart of everything we do at Accent Research. Our goal is to be collaborative, innovative and relevant. 

We work with our partners to develop tailored solutions to help them understand a rapidly changing world. 

We are leaders in the adoption of cutting edge methods to identify ways to measure attitudes across populations, track them in near real-time and test the effectiveness of campaign messaging and engage with the community. This provides our clients with the best possible information for the development of strategies and decision-making. We are the leaders in the model-based approach called MRP, providing campaigns with highly granular insights at the level of individual seats. 

We collaborate with organisations dedicated to making a positive impact, including political and public health campaigns, not-for-profit organisations and corporate clients impacted by public policy.  

Publications and Media

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