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Expert who predicted shock Brexit result weighs in on the Voice's chances

Finn McHugh, SBS

10 Sept 2023

Australians will vote on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament on 14 October. An expert explains why polls produce different results, and how to read them.

Australians will vote on a Voice to Parliament in October, in the country's first referendum in a generation. Polling suggests support is steadily declining.

Shaun Ratcliff, principal at Accent Research, said polls producing different results is not just to be expected, it’s actually desirable. "If everyone's giving you the exact same result, down to within a percentage point of each other, that would actually be a bit more suspicious," he said. That’s because each poll asks slightly different questions, provides people with different options to respond with, and accounts for blind spots differently.

Read the article on the SBS website.

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