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From the Australian Cooperative Election Survey

Below is a list of publications from the Cooperative Election Survey, to date.


Some publications may be missing. If you have published using the ACES data, please contact and the missing publication will be added. 

2019 survey

Shaun Ratcliff. 2019.

“It's a myth that Aussie battlers handed the Coalition its election victory”. The Guardian. Available here.

Shaun Ratcliff, Jill Sheppard and Juliet Pietsch. 2020.

“Voter behaviour: Age, ancestry and economic self-interest.” in Marian Simms, Marian Sawer, Anika Gauja (eds), Morrison’s Miracle: The 2019 Australian Federal ElectionAvailable here.

Glenn Kefford, Benjamin Moffitt, and Annika Werner. 2021.

“Populist Attitudes: Bringing Together Ideational and Communicative Approaches.” Political Studies. Volume 70, Issue 4. Available here.

Lee Wallace, Victoria Rawlings, Paul Kelaita, Anika Gauja. 2021.

“Marriage Equality Blues: Method and Mess around the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey”. Australian Feminist Studies, Volume 36, Issue 109. Available here.

Michael Vaughan, Ariadne Vromen, Pablo Porten-Cheé, Darren Halpin. 2022.

“The Role of Novel Citizenship Norms in Signing and Sharing Online Petitions”. Political Studies. Available here.

Pablo Porten-Cheé, Marlene Kunst, Ariadne Vromen, Michael Vaughan. 2023.

“The effects of narratives and popularity cues on signing online petitions in two advanced democracies”. Information, Communication & Society, Volume 26, Issue 4. Available here.

Glenn Kefford, Ben Moffitt and Anika Werner. 2023.

“Nativism, civic nationalism and the malleability of voter attitudes”. Acta Polita, Issue 58. Available here.

Glenn Kefford, Benjamin Moffitt, John Collins, Joshua Marsh. 2023.

“Populist attitudes in Australia: contextualising the demand-side.” Australian Journal of Political Science, Volume 58, Issue 1. Available here.

2022 survey

Kate Gleeson, Robert Ross and Shaun Wilson. 2022.

“Australians reject discrimination that is based on religious belief: new research”. The Conversation.

Available here.

Laura Davy and Ariadne Vromen. 2023.

Care in Context: Australian Perspectives on Caregiving and Care Work During COVID-19. An ANU report. Available here.

Shaun Wilson, Kate Gleeson, Luke Ashton, Robert Ross. 2023.

Religion in Australian Politics and Society: Report on the Religion Module for the Australian Cooperative Election Survey 2022. A Macquarie University report. Available here.

Shaun Ratcliff. 2023. 

Gen-Z are different: Explanations for the growing generational gap in Australian politics. An Accent Research White Paper (also using 2019 ACES data). Available here.

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